Hear your world without limits

Bold Bravo

An off-the-ear processor that combines uncompromising audio technology and a unique design to deliver a pure and full-spectrum sound

Bold Duo

A dual off-the-ear sound processor with a long-lasting rechargeable battery and innovative technology providing a dynamic and true-to-life listening experience

Bold Stride

A slim wireless processor with a charger case

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It’s time to be BOLD

Introducing BOLD

Bold is designed to empower people and help them reach their full potential.

The BOLD implant is an innovative electronic-free design by virtue of our uncompromising audio technology in the processor that has the following two microchips:

ClearSound: let’s you enjoy sound in all environments by reducing noise automatically.

Full-Spectrum Sound: Delivers a pure tone and makes our implants electronic-free. It generates a high-resolution carrier wave and delivers a higher fidelity signal allowing neural ganglion to naturally encode that information.


ClearSound is a unique combination of complex noise reduction algorithms in a chip that automatically scans, evaluates, and adapts to provide a delightful listening experience.

The Adaptive Directionality algorithm of ClearSound reduces the noise that originates from behind or side of the user. It gathers input from the auto-scanning algorithm and decides if directionality is needed.

Enjoy Conversations in all environments

Listening can be difficult in challenging environments like cafes, class-room etc. With the help of our cut-edge technology, the auto-scanning algorithm, Neubio's Bold is designed to automatically evaluate and adjust to different listening situations without users needing to change sound processor settings.

The auto-scanning algorithm works continuously to ensure you or your loved ones hear effortlessly everywhere and every time.

Full-Spectrum Sound: connecting you to the world

  • Pure tone
  • Natural Sound
  • Electronic-free implant to give users peace of mind
  • Enjoy and appreciate music
  • Learn & Understand tonal languages

This technology receives acoustic signal from ClearSound. It converts the acoustic signal to analog signal and generates a high-resolution carrier wave to deliver sound to the implant, allowing neural ganglion to naturally encode that information for further processing in the brain.

Enjoy and understand music

Develop your own taste in music by being able to listen to music without any challenges. Bold makes it easy for you to listen and understand complex lyrics. With Bold, you can feel the music you prefer, dance to our liked songs, and repeat the lyrics.

Experience new sounds

Whether it is the sound of the rain or a bird chirping, through Bold’s smart chip technology, you can hear sounds that have meanings and emotions.

Durable Design

Reduced Joints :

Low chances of dust and moisture penetration

Multilayer filter Protector :

Unique and innovative filter design to resist dust and moisture

Low recurring cost

LED Indicators :

2 LED’s facilitating basic troubleshooting

Smooth functioning of processor and battery pack

On the go charging options :

Comes with on the go charging options to let you enjoy hearing continuously

Designed For Lifetime

Neubio lets you and your loved ones enjoy all kinds of activities in their natural manner without having to worry about the internal implant. Our smart technology allows us to design our implants electronic-free, providing users peace of mind in their lives.

You or your loved ones can live life to the fullest as the robust Bold has been designed and tested to meet impact resistance’s industry standards2.

Hearing preservation:

We believe in preserving residual hearing and empowering people to hear naturally. Bold’s unique electrode array’s curved shape and its electrodes’ dimensions are designed to support that.

Neubio Care

" Alone we can do so little together we can do so much" - Helen Keller

A partner for life

It is common for patients and their loved ones to feel overwhelmed, confused, nervous and uncertain about the future. Neubio Care is an initiative that is solely focused on welcoming and supporting the Neubio Family throughout lifetime.

Need help? Why wait? Ask us

Whether it is before or after the surgery, our team is always available to assist you. Feel free to get all your questions answered from the Neubio team and we assure to deliver.

Convenient MRI :

The Bold Implant is 1.5T MRI compatible.


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