Privacy Policy

We at Switz Neubio respect the privacy of our patients in terms of their details and health records and exercise extreme caution in handling the patient’s records.

As part of mandatory collection of implant data, we collect the patient’s data regarding the Cochlear Implant serial numbers and their associated health records such as Audiograms, MRI and CT scans.

Another reason to have this data is to monitor the warranties on the products that has been billed to the patient through clinics/ hospitals.

We may share this data with the Healthcare Professionals like Surgeons and Audiologists who are involved with the patients for Cochlear Implantation and post-operative care including but not limited to mapping of the device.

We may also use this data internally in our organisation as part of Quality Management System and share the details of any adverse event to the Licensing Authorities.

Only through the written consent of the patient, their testimonials, written or in Video formats will be uploaded on various Social Media such as Facebook, Youtube etc and may be used on our website. The content of testimonial in such cases will be provided by the patient/ patient’s guardians.

In case of any doubt, complaint or support required, please feel free to call us our Toll-Free number 1800-103-2234

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