Bold IRU

The BOLD implant is an innovative electronic-free design by virtue of our uncompromising audio technology in the processor that has the following two microchips:

ClearSound: Allows users to enjoy sound in all listening environments by using multiple unique noise reduction algorithms. These set of algorithms work automatically to provide comfortable and effortless hearing without worrying about the environment they are in.

Full-Spectrum Sound: Delivers a pure tone and makes our implants electronic-free. It generates a high-resolution carrier wave and delivers a higher fidelity signal allowing neural ganglion to naturally encode that information.


ClearSound is a unique combination of complex noise reduction algorithms in a chip that automatically scans, evaluates, and adapts to provide a delightful listening experience.

The Adaptive Directionality algorithm of ClearSound reduces the noise that originates from behind or side of the user. It gathers input from the auto-scanning algorithm and decides if directionality is needed.

The auto-scanning algorithm works continuously to ensure you or your loved ones hear effortlessly everywhere and every time without noticing changes in the sound processing.

Full-Spectrum Modulation : Smart Chip

Our proprietary Frequency Spectrum Modulator (FSM) receives acoustic signal from ClearSound. It converts the acoustic signal to analog signal and generates a high-resolution carrier wave to deliver sound to the implant coil at a near-continuous rate. This creates a higher fidelity signal compared to the pulsatile trains of stimulation.

Reliable Implant

Dedicated to offering the safest solution to patients, we offer a reliable & dependable implant.

Our specially designed Smart chip in the processor allows BOLD implant to be free from electronics, reducing the chances of an electronic dysfunction, a major reason for device failures28.

Bold has been designed and tested to meet impact resistance’s industry standards .

The Bold Implant is 1.5T MRI compatible.

Hearing Preservation: Reach your hearing potential

Neubio brings you the industry’s thinnest & shortest electrode. This would allow a smooth insertion of the electrode, potentially not damaging the delicate cochlea structure and preserving residual hearing .

Our electrode array’s unique curved shape allows the electrode to sit close to the modiolus, opening a possible path to better speech outcomes for our patients.

Option of a shorter surgery

Bold is the industry’s thinnest and smallest implant. This offers implanting surgeons an option of a shorter surgery, reducing a patient’s time under anaesthesia

Choice of Electrodes

The BOLD 22 has 12 electrodes.


  • Battmer, R. D., Linz, B., & Lenarz, T. (2009). A Review of Device Failure in More Than 23 Years of Clinical Experience of a Cochlear Implant Program With More Than 3,400 Implantees. Otology & Neurotology, 30(4), 455–463.
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